Making room for what matters.

Keepin' It Simple

Focused on the essentials. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.


And it's even more than that: breSono is a natural filter that improves the indoor climate. Just above, a 10-inch display provides you with all the information you need.

Room for Five

Durable and comfortable: an interior meant for everyday life. Including seat heating, height-adjustable seat belts, and enough space for long legs on even longer journeys.

Your Smartphone – Your Key

Connect via Apple Carplay or Android Auto and use the goSono app to remotely control pre-air conditioning, to check the battery status or to look for your next ride.

Made to Be Shared

We designed the Sion as a car ready for sharing. The integration of the goSono app allows you to share your energy, your ride and the car itself – anywhere and anytime.

More Than A Car

The Sion is a platform full of possibilities. It is an energy storage, a place to sleep or simply your opportunity for a joyful ride – you do you.