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goSono App

The goSono app brings three sharing concepts in a single car together: powerSharing, rideSharing and carSharing. You can use your smartphone to offer other people electricity, a ride, or your Sion.


The goSono app, in combination with our biSono system, makes sharing the energy stored in your Sion easy and straightforward, turning it into an independent source of energy. The Sion becomes a mobile charging station for electronic devices and other electric cars, providing them with up to 11 kW of power. You simply decide on how much electricity you’re willing to share and at which price. Then, you can offer it as a service via the goSono app. Other app users will see your Sion marked on a map as a mobile charging station, that they can head to as they wish.


The integrated carSharing function enables you to share your Sion with other people. Use the goSono app to decide for how long and with whom you’d like to share your Sion. Everyone will be able to benefit from your Sion as a result – including your wallet and, most importantly, the environment.


With the goSono app, you can offer other users a ride. Anyone wanting to use the service will send you a request. They’ll get a notification if you accept the request and then you can just pick them up. A great way to meet new people, lower your costs, and help the environment – and it’s all made easy.