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The more you share the less you pay? Recommending the Sion to your friends makes it possible right away and guarantees you and your friends a bonus on the price of the Sion.

Step 1: Request Code

You're already a reservation holder? Then nothing can stop you from getting your personal referral code! All you need is the email address you made your reservation with.

Step 2: Spread the Word

Just like the Sion - your referral code is made to be shared. Pass it on to your friends and family... or to the neighbors driving their SUV just to get to the bakery down the road.

Step 3: Benefit

Anyone using your referral code to reserve a Sion will receive a 1% discount on the vehicle price. And it gets even better. For every reservation made with your code you'll get 1% off as well.

Your Referral Code

We will send you your personal referral code via email. Make sure to enter the email address you made your reservation with. Forgot your email address? Contact our support team!

Frequently Asked Questions

The referral?code can be entered into the corresponding field when making a reservation.

As often as you want.

Please note, however, our rules of the game: The Sono Motors referral program is created with the intent "in good faith". Distribution, mass mailing, spam and commercial code offering are not allowed. However, sharing codes on YouTube channels, fan websites or other social media is alright.?

Anyone who has reserved a Sion can use the program with their personal referral code.

If your referral?is successful, both you and your friends will receive a 1% discount on the vehicle price of the Sion.


The discount will be deducted upon payment of your Sion.

For each successful referral you will receive a confirmation and an overview via email.

Your Referral Code

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