Sono Motors: Solar Car “Sion” on test drive tour throughout Germany

Due to high demand: 17 test drive tour stops in Germany with the solar car Sion.

Munich, 15th of May 2018 –?Sono Motors, a young automobile company from Munich, will be taking its innovative and family-friendly solar car Sion on a Germany-wide test drive tour, starting May 15th. The compact van will be available for test drives in 17 cities.

The Sion is a self-charging electric car with integrated solar cells in the body, which can feed up to 30 kilometers of solar energy into the battery every day. Thanks to a battery range of 255 kilometers according to WLTP standard, a purchase price of 16,000 euros (without battery) and integrated sharing services, the vehicle will appeal particularly to families and city commuters. According to the company, more than 4,000 cars have already been reserved.

"A week before the start of the tour, more than two and a half thousand people had already registered for a test drive," explains Anne-Sophie Scharrer, Tour Manager at Sono Motors. "After our tour across Italy, Austria, and Switzerland, the demand for further test drives in Germany has increased tremendously.

"This shows us how immensely the general interest in climate-friendly mobility is growing in this country," says Navina Pernsteiner, co-founder of the young company from Munich. "We want to make electromobility suitable for everyday use, while promoting resource-conservation and climate-friendliness. It is time to finally make a difference in this area. In our view, price, range and everyday practicality are the most important criteria for this."

Whether the Sion meets these criteria sufficiently or not can be found out from May 15th in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. Afterwards, Sono Motors plans on making 16 additional stops all over Germany. You can register for a test drive here.

All dates at a glance:

Friedrichshafen (15 - 16.05.2018), Freiburg (17 - 18.05.2018), Ludwigsburg (19 - 20.05.2018), Mannheim (21 - 22.05.2018), Limburg an der Lahn (23 - 24.05.2018), Cologne (25 - 26.05.2018), Gelsenkirchen (27 - 28.05.2018), Oldenburg (29 - 30.05.2018), Enge-Sande (02. - 03.06.2018), Lübeck (04. - 05.06.2018), Potsdam (06. - 07.06.2018), Leipzig (08. - 09.06.2018), Erfurt (10. - 11.06.2018), Würzburg (12. - 13.06.2018), Ulm (14. - 15.06.2018), Kempten (16. - 17.06.2018), Regensburg (18. - 19.06.2018)

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The innovative and owner-led automotive company Sono Motors was founded in 2016 based on the vision of a sustainable mobility concept independent of fossil fuels. The company now boasts an experienced team of engineers, designers, technicians, and industry experts who are developing and building a forward-looking electric car which is suitable for daily use, with integrated solar cells and innovative mobility services.

The carbon emissions generated during the vehicle’s production and manufacturing are entirely offset. The first prototypes were produced in 2017 with the support of renowned investors and crowdfunding, and have since been driven and experienced by more than 13,000 potential customers at test drive road shows. The overwhelming response to the vehicle and mobility concept confirmed the company founders’ vision and is turning it into a reality – the electric car Sion will go into series production.