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Step 1: Preorder

The first step is to preorder and make a down payment on a Sion. It comes with a two-week right of cancellation.

Step 2: Purchase Contract

In the second step, in 2020 we will offer you a contract to purchase a Sion. Again, you will have a two-week right of cancellation for the contract.

Step 3: Delivery

You have the possibility to pick up your Sion directly at the plant in Trollh?ttan in 2021. Additionally, it will be possible to deliver your Sion to your desired location as well.


The Sion costs 25,500 euros including German VAT at market launch.

The basic price for the vehicle is 16,000 euros plus the cost of the battery, which we expect to be around 9,500 euros. We plan to offer the battery both for a one-off purchase and with the option of leasing or renting. Therefore, we separate the vehicle price from the battery price in your reservation. This allows you to stay flexible.



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Price per Sion16,000
Down Payment per Sion500
Number of Sion1
Total Price16,000
Down Payment Total500
Remaining Balance15,500

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