Resource-saving. Fair.

The Sion

Developed in Germany. Produced in Sweden. We want sustainable mobility for everyone. That’s why we developed the Sion, a Solar Electric Vehicle. An electric vehicle with seamlessly integrated solar cells, made for sharing. We're now establishing the production line for an SEV, the first of its kind.

Thinking Different

Setting up a production plant takes a lot of time, money and expertise. Right from the beginning we knew that as a young and flexible company, we want to use already existing resources and produce the Sion with an experienced partner.

The Perfect Fit

Produced in Trollh?ttan in Sweden. By NEVS – a strong partner with a strong vision.


NEVS was founded in 2012 by Kai Johan Jiang, a bio energy industry pioneer. The swedish company builds on the strong heritage, experienced team and know-how they took over from SAAB who revolutionized the industry by rethinking the status quo. Like us, NEVS believes in shaping mobility for a more sustainable future for those around us and for coming generations.

Together Towards the Future

Sharing the same vision makes this partnership so unique. NEVS offers many years of experience in automotive development and production combined with proven expertise in the field of electromobility. The experienced team and a flexible production capacity enable the manufacturing of 260,000 Sion within 8 years, with room for more. After the ramp-up phase, 43,000 copies will be produced annually, in Trollh?ttan.

Production Plant

Produced in the former SAAB plant. Powered by 100% renewable energy.

Efficient Manufacturing

Together with NEVS, we have developed a new production line, which can be integrated into the existing plant with little effort. Due to the solar integration of the Sion and its outer skin made of black polymer, there is no need for a paint shop or stamping tools, which require a lot of energy in conventional production.

An Excellent Location

By producing in Europe we are achieving two of our main goals: establishing an efficient supply chain while guaranteeing a fair price. Due to its excellent location right at the heart of Europe, Sweden is the ideal country for this. Furthermore, as of 2030, Sweden will renounce using combustion vehicles. By 2040, Sweden's electricity production will be drawn from 100% renewable energy sources.

100% Renewable Energy

Sustainability became a buzzword. Well, for us it isn’t. We care about the earth, climate friendliness and the impact Sono Motors and the Sion will have on this planet. To reduce our and your footprint to a minimum, we will offset all unavoidable CO? emissions produced throughout the Sion manufacturing process. And, by the way, your Sion is going to be produced with 100% renewable energy.

Our Story Has Only Just Begun.